Why are Winter Wiper Blades Important?

Just as you have the choice between all-season or winter tires for your vehicle, so do you have a choice of blades for your windshield wipers. Many drivers are aware of winter tires, yet winter wiper blades remain a complete mystery, even though they are readily available. Here's what you need to know about them.

Seeing out of your windshield is more difficult in winter months, so your wiper blades should be up to the task. Snow, sleet, freezing rain along with road slush and road chemicals can make it difficult to see when they accumulate on your windshield. Inspect your blades often for wear.

Winter blades have different designs that help clear off snow and ice. One involves covers that encase the steel superstructure. Another is called a beam blade that uses a flat piece of spring steel encased in plastic to whisk away winter precipitation.



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