Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

There are several key differences between all-season and winter tires that make them function better in different conditions. At Bob Allen Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram, we believe that many people in Danville could benefit from having a set of winter tires during the cold months, and we'll make it easy to get them put on each fall.

All-season tires are made from a harder rubber that improves fuel efficiency and makes for a smooth ride on dry or wet pavement. They can handle light winter driving conditions but will start to lose traction in extremely cold or slippery conditions.

The softer rubber that winter tires are made of will stay flexible in the cold. With a deeper and more aggressive tread pattern with many biting edges, they will shed snow and water efficiently and maintain high levels of traction. Changing back to all-season tires in the spring is important as winter tires will wear out more quickly on pavement.



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