Now that the warm weather is finally upon us, everyone is busy getting the vehicles ready for summer driving or family vacations. Spring cleaning is often at the top of the list. Although we often tend to put off washing our cars, keeping them clean has many benefits. Come to Bob Allen Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram and allow us to offer some automotive tips so you can be an informed driver who gets the most value out of your vehicle.

Washing your car is important for many reasons
• Clean cars look better and will last longer.
• Washing your car prevents body damage.
• Clean windows make driving safer.
• Clean cars get better gas mileage.
• Clean cars have fewer germs and are better for your health.

Whether you’re looking for another car or for ways to keep your current vehicle running as long as possible, we’re here to help. Stop at our store in Danville and let us offer our assistance.



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