Durability and safety are the biggest concerns a wise person seeks out in their vehicle. This goes double for hard working people in Danville who need their vehicles to handle the same heavy loads they themselves bear on a daily basis.

The Ram 2500 was designed with such concerns in mind, offering a powerful 50,000psi steel frame that can stand up to the heaviest loads and the toughest terrains. This combines with the beastly Cummins turbo 6.7 liter diesel engine to provide power and ruggedness that can’t be matched.

With a smart exhaust brake system that both keeps your engine running smoothly and provides unparalleled stopping power regardless the road conditions, you’d be hard pressed to find a package this reliable, durable and safe. Come visit us at Bob Allen Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram today to experience this power and durability yourself in a test drive.




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